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Look to Pediatric Associates of Malden to provide care you can trust. Since 2000 we have provided compassionate healthcare for children in Malden, MA and the adjacent cities. We have four experienced pediatricians and 12 supporting staff members who are sensitive to the needs of families with diverse economic and ethnic backgrounds. We regularly review our patient satisfaction surveys conducted in the office to find out what needs to be done to further improve our service, as we strive to be the “Medical Home” for our patients. Our physicians are members of the Pediatric Physicians’ Organization at Children’s.

We are open 365 days a year unless there is a true snow emergency. If calling after hours, our friendly answering service will forward your message to the physician-on-call.

Symptom Checker

from the american academy of pediatrics

Please use the Symptom Checker to help you learn about some of the common pediatric problems that you can manage without necessarily going to the Emergency Department.  You can always contact us to schedule for sick visits.

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Our Services

compassionate healthcare for your children

Seeing children and parents at regular intervals is important in maintaining your child’s health. Evaluating growth and development, discussing safety, nutrition, behavior and answering age related questions are the functions of well child/adolescent visits.

Other health management services include:
Asthma — Proper Nutrition — Obesity — Attention Deficit

meet our doctors

All 3 doctors have a working affiliation with the Children’s Hospital, Boston and with the Melrose-Wakefield Hospital.

Dr. Tien-Lan Chang has practiced as a specialist in pediatric gastroenterology since 1987 and in general pediatrics since 2000. In 2008 he gave up the part-time practice of pediatric gastroenterology at Mass. General Hospital to devote fully to general pediatrics in Malden. He is fluent in English and Chinese (Mandarin).

Dr. Austin Liu grew up in the Greater Boston area and was trained in pediatrics in Memphis, Tennessee. He practiced in Georgia for 4 years and joined P.A.M. in 2006.

Dr. Maura K. Shea had pediatric training in Cincinnati, OH and Providence, R.I. She worked at neighborhood health centers in Boston, MA from 2001 to 2008 before joining P.A.M.

Policies & Billing


Many insurances require a co-pay at the time of service. If you do not pay your co-pay at the time of service, your account will be charged an additional $10.00.

please bring your insurance card

We will submit a claim to all primary and secondary insurances. Please remember to bring your current insurance cards to your appointment. Once your insurance company has processed your claim, we will bill you for the remaining balance that you are responsible for, as determined by your insurance plan, such as deductables and co-insurances. Payments are expected upon receipt of your statement. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash, Checks, Debit Cards and Money Orders.

unpaid accounts

We assign all unpaid accounts to an outside collection agency that reports to a national credit bureau. They will add additional penalties and interest to the unpaid amount.

if you are uninsured

If you are uninsured, or if we are unable to verify coverage, we require a $100.00 payment at your first visit which will be applied to your charges. If charges exceed the $100.00 we will send you a statement.

following guidelines

Physicians must follow accepted national guidelines when determining what your charges (level of service) will be. They must code your visit based upon what services were provided and cannot take into account particular health plan benefit designs. Consequently we are unable to switch the visit reason and diagnosis in order for a claim to be covered by your insurance. If you think there is an error on your account, please contact the billing office immediately. We will review your concern with the physician and let you know the outcome.


You should contact your insurance company as soon as possible after your child has been born. Most health plans allow 30 days to add your newborn to your insurance plan. If you have coverage through OMAP, you MUST contact your caseworker immediately. Your caseworker will provide you with a temporary identification card. If you are unable to provide proof of insurance after your baby’s two-week appointment, we will charge you in full for services rendered.

appointment policies

· If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call at least 24 hours in advance to cancel.
· Patient visits at Pediatric Associates of Malden are by appointment only. Every sibling will need to have an appointment in order to be seen by the doctor.
· Please bring your current insurance card to every appointment, and alert the receptionist of any changes when checking in for your appointment.
· Insurance co-payments are due at the time of the visit.

News & Comments

July, 2019
Greetings to our patients and parents.

It has been almost 2 years since we adopted Epic as our electronic medical record system.  With this system, there is a patient portal that is called MyChart. Through MyChart, a patient (or parent/legal guardian) may do the following: 1. Access test results that have been reviewed by the physician; 2.  two-way communication with physician via email: examples include sending non-urgent questions to the physician, including photos, and receiving a response or notification from physician such as reminders for an annual check-up; 3.  Request to schedule an appointment; 4. Request refills for your medications. With any email, the response time depends on the person who receives the email.  If he or she does not check the email frequently, there would be a delay. Therefore, questions that are sent via MyChart should be on non-urgent issues.  

To sign up for MyChart, a patient of 14 years or older, or a parent/legal guarding of a patient under 14 years of age, can contact our office and provide an email address. A password will then be provided for access to MyChart. If a parent of a patient of 14 years and older wishes to access MyChart, the teenager has to sign a consent agreement.   

For urgent matters, i.e. if your child is sick, you can either call to schedule an appointment or to ask to speak to a physician.  Since we do have office hours everyday of the year, a sick visit can usually be scheduled within 24 hours. Our website has a Symptom Checker from the American Academy of Pediatrics which may assist you in deciding whether your child should be seen urgently.  When the office is closed, our physicians are on-call. Our hope is that with these web-based tools, our easy-access office hours, and our on-call service in the afterhours, we can reduce unnecessary visits to the emergency rooms. 

We strive to provide our patients the most up-to-date information on medicine and health. Our Epic system is in fact linked to a software program called UpToDate. We also have a Facebook page, on which we present some of the current medical and health related issues that may be of interest to you. We are interested in getting feedback from you on how we can serve you better. You are welcome to send us your comments and suggestions either via email, on paper or verbally when you come to our office. 

Every summer season there are certain medical conditions we see more often, usually related to outdoor activities, such as insect bites, sun burn, poison ivy dermatitis, and chemical dermatitis from sun blocks. Preventive measures include: testing a sun block on an arm or leg before putting it on the face; apply insect repellent for kids over 6 months of age if you are exploring forests, ponds or lakes; and familiarize yourself with poison ivy’s appearance and inspect your backyard. Take breaks from activities in the sun and drink plenty of water to avoid heat stroke. Enjoy the summer.

Pediatric Associates of Malden

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My child 8 years old has been attending Ms.Maria's studio for almost 2 years. She really enjoys her class. Ms. Maria has effective teaching method for students that incorporate musicianship, theory, creativity and skill. Last year 2014 my child got many rewards for piano competition and theory test. I am very glad to have Ms.Maria teaching piano for my daughter.
I think she is the best piano teacher ever!
I have two boys that started in January and have thrived with Ms. Maria. To our surprise our five year old proactively practices on his own at home because he truly enjoys what he's learning. We've seen both boys thrive with Ms. Maria. We are so blessed to have found someone so patient and passionate about teaching lessons. You won't find someone that cares about your child's musical development as much as Ms. Maria does. She truly cares about each child and it shows. We look forward to many more years in our musical journey!
C. Sears, NOrth Richland Hills
My son and daughter both just turned 7 and they have been with Ms. Maria for about 8 months. They love Ms. Maria so much!  She is such a wonderful teacher. I am so glad we found her. We plan to stay with her as long as we can.
Alice C., Keller, TX
We found Ms McLean on the web site for piano teachers in Keller, Texas.  We met with several teachers and chose Ms.McLean!  My daughter was 11 when she started and has now taken 11 months. My daughter loves taking lessons from her and feels challenged and nurtured!  Ms. McLean is a no nonsense teacher that truly cares about her students.  Her standards are fair and challenge the students!  I would recommend anyone who is serious about learning to speak with her. She is awesome!
Kimberly R., Keller, TX
We have tried 2 teachers before entering Ms Maria studio without much progress. Since last here our daughter as been able to make great progress! We have actually recommended her studio to friends!! Ms Maria is a great teacher!!!
Landry D., Keller, TX
Our son has been studying with Ms Maria for one year. He has advanced more quickly than we expected under her direction. My husband and I have both studied music for years and we knew that we had selected the right teacher shortly after he began his studies. If your student follows her direction they will become a great piano player.
Alicia Y.
Maria Mclean is such an amazing piano instructor. She assigns music that she knows the child enjoys. My daughter loves the fact that she can earn trips to the treasure box for extra time practice during the week. Maria is firm but kind, and so her students respect her and also want to please her. She gives them praise only when she should!
Sonya K.
We are very pleased with the instruction our child is receiving from Maria McLean and would highly recommend her. She has a positive, uplifting demeanor which children respond well to. Her teaching style is well-developed and she adjusts to the personality and learning style of her students. She incorporates both playing time and theory work into her lessons, which I believe is important for a well-rounded education. After just 12 months of instruction, our child is playing like most 24+ month students.
Heather B.
My daughter has been going to Maria Mclean since 2013 and we absolutely love her. She is very patient, kind and makes my child very comfortable. I'm glad we found a great piano teacher in our vicinity.
V. PIcardo
We have three children taking lessons with Miss Maria. We have had several other piano teachers due to moving and other reasons and Maria is by far the favorite! Our children have had teachers that made them dread playing piano and were so afraid of their teachers, they cried at almost every lesson! Miss Maria is firm but kind (velvet over steel!), she has high standards and cares that her students do well. She is the only piano teacher my children have had who makes lessons so much fun; she has great incentives (prizes and monthly piano parties!) for them to play, practice and want to learn more. My children love to play piano at home now, they used to dread practice and lessons. Now they learn pieces they enjoy playing and are constantly challenged to play more difficult pieces as they progress. Her students are encouraged to play often in front of an audience so they will be able to perform well when needed. She also helps them to be involved in the music community through festivals and different competitions, national and state tests and auditions.
A.M., Southlake, Tx
We love love Miss Maria. She is wonderful. She is kind and so sweet to my daughter. My daughter  loves to go to her lessons. She does a lot more for her than teach piano. She teaches her to be kind and lady-like as well. She has a gentle strong hand with her that I love to see
Patty C., Keller, TX

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